Give Your Customers a Meal With Their Next Mocha

Café catering in Cheyenne, WY & Fort Collins, CO and beyond

Offering fresh food has never been this easy. Alchemy Catering, LLC is a wholesale catering destination for Cheyenne, WY & Fort Collins, CO area cafes. Come to our professional catering service and you can choose from a number of different food items to offer your guests. We provide fresh food boxes and other options for clients who want to give their customers the very best options for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Give your customers the best for their next meal

Alchemy Catering creates our items in-house in our industrial kitchen. Our diverse menu gives you different items to choose from – from plates and snacks to sandwiches and other hearty options. Schedule a time to sit down with us and we will:

  • Lay out a list of options to create your menu
  • Bring in samples for you and your staff to try
  • Discuss prices and amounts needed each day
  • Coordinate delivery times and other logistics
We’ll make it easy for you to offer delicious, fresh food options for your customers. If you’d like to explore different options with our Cheyenne caterer, call Amy of Alchemy Catering today to schedule a consultation!