Lunch Menu

Antipasto Bar

Make your own Muffuletta style sandwich. Fresh, cured meats and cheeses, olives, house made crostini and flatbread. Gluten-free without the bread.


Taco Bar

Choice of 2 Chicken, beef, veggie taco bar. Includes sour cream, guacamole, salsa cheese, lettuce and tomato, soft and hard shells.



Meat or veggie Lasagna with garlic lovers bread and caesar salad.



House smoked pork or chicken (brisket an up charge) in your choice of Southern Mustard Sauce or sweet Hawaiian. Giant rolls and cole slaw.


Cold Sandwich Bar (choice of side salad included, along with kettle chips)

Choice of 2 turkey Avocado on croissant roast beef with sharp cheddar Hoagie seafood salad on croissant veggie Hummus on whole wheat *all sandwiches can be made into salads for gluten free option.


Other Lunch Options

Salad Bars

Cobb $13/p
BBQ Chicken ranch $13/p
Greek $12/p
Jerk Chicken or Shrimp $14/p
Roasted Veggie (Vegan) $12/p
Antipasto Salad $14/p
Avocado BLT $14/p
Shrimp Louis $14/p
Wedge $14/p (with Meat) $12/p Veggie
Taco $14/p

Side Salads

Signature $4/p
Caesar $5/p
Vegan $4/p


Candy Bar Brownies $2/p
Cranberry Bars $3/p
Bread Pudding $3/p
Yogurt Parfait with House Made Berry Compote and Granola $3/p